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Trampoline Parks New Game Project—Labyrinth Trampoline

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Время обновления : 2020-04-26 15:49:41
Labyrinth trampoline is a kind of comprehensive trampoline surface which is composed of several diamond shapes or hexagons.

This particular trampoline project has the following advantages:
1. Own Highly Adaptable
Labyrinth trampoline and free trampoline actually have certain similarities, are through the player's own bouncing space to let himself jump up. Labyrinth trampoline is the use of the design of stop band grid, forming a three-dimensional space surface of the trampoline project, play more diverse, and can also be in the design experience crisscross aesthetic sense, each level of visibility will also make the player for the high adaptability.
2. Good Spatial Inference Effect
Labyrinth trampoline is called a challenging project, mainly because the Labyrinth structure based on multiple levels gives this world of unknown trampoline a mysterious feeling. In the three-dimensional interior space, it is a novel and fun project that stimulates the challenger's brain to a greater extent.
It's a fun game for both children and adults!

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